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Our Process

Q: I am interested in meeting and possibly adopting one of the Misfits!

Please fill out an Adoption Application! The Adoption Application is just that, an application! This is the first step of the entire process. Misfits is entirely foster home based, so coordinating a meet and greet is only done from a chosen Adoption Application. Please note that chosen Applications are NOT by a first come, first serve basis. We ask that you take the time to fill out your application and answer each question thoroughly! This is the first chance for us to learn about you and your family, so the more you tell us the better!

Q: My Application was chosen! Now what?

Now is the time that we set up a home check. This can be done virtually or in person! Once we are able to get an idea of the environment that the animal will be living in, we like to set up a time and place for you to meet our misfit and get to know each other. Lastly, if both parties agree, then we can move forward with the final adoption set where you pick up the animal and complete all the adoption forms!

Q: What can you expect when adopting a Misfit?

We ensure all our animals have been cleared by our veterinarians and ready for their forever homes. Every animal that comes through Misfits is up to date on vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, and has their spay or neuter paid for in full by us. We ensure all these procedures are completed before the animal is adopted out!

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